August 27th, 2014

Our friends at Freshness Mag stopped by our NYC headquarters to check out the style of our three managing partners: Coltrane Curtis, Lisa Chu, and Sky Gellatly. They explained their style and inspiration while also sharing how they’ve emerged into their roles at Team Epiphany. Their style is top-notch, but their stories are even better. 

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July 10th, 2014

From MTV’s “Style VJ” to perennial style icon, Coltrane Curtis knows how to put an outfit together. Freshness Magazine stopped by the office to have a chat with our Managing Partner about the subject he is so well-versed in. Take a look to get the inside scoop on his most valued possessions, and the stories behind them. He rarely shares tips like these beyond these walls, so take note.

March 30th, 2012

HAZE x Baby Ellington

In case you haven’t heard, the heir to Coltrane's throne was born 11/11/11: Ellington Rudy Chu-Curtis.

To celebrate the birth of “The Chairman” (a nickname the young man now dons), Team Epiphany commissioned legendary artist HAZE to create a timeless “piece” to adorn Ellington’s TriBeCa penthouse bedroom’s wall.

Check out more shots of the work in progress below. What do you think?

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February 29th, 2012

This is Wingtip Week. Hightop Brogues by Oliver Sweeney (Taken with instagram)

November 30th, 2011

Cool Stuff: Warby Parker

I 100% co-sign Warby Parker.

By no means do I have poor vision, but they make it chic to want a pair of glasses. My eyesight “problem” most likely stems from trying on so many glasses belonging to friends who struggle with the “I’m-almost-legally-blind-and-can’t-see-anything-without-contacts/glasses” affliction.

In discussing their eyewear options, however, I always wondered why glasses were so damn expensive! I mean, $200+ for a pair is the cheapest that you can get? And those aren’t even designer frames? You could get a pair of glasses, including prescription lenses, for $35 or less in Korea! That’s a questionable discrepancy. 

Finally, some sense is restored to this monopolized industry by a ‘little-engine-that-could’ called Warby Parker - a company that happens to have sourced its esoteric brand from the surnames of characters in Jack Kerouac’s journals. All of their frames (ones that I would actually want to wear!), including prescription, cost only $95! But it doesn’t stop there. For every pair of glasses sold, they give a pair to someone in need by partnering with a non-profit called Vision Spring. Check out how they actually achieve their motto, “Buy a Pair, Give a Pair” here.

I can personally attest for the quality and efficiency of this company. I tried on most of their frames (including some sunglasses) at their Union Square showroom and had the ones I bought delivered in about a week. Go check ‘em out - you won’t be disappointed! 

Don’t live in NYC? Worry not. They have a service where you can pick up to 5 frames, have them delivered to your home to try on and then send back with no strings attached. Yes, they are THAT awesome.

-Jane Kim

November 28th, 2011

A new documentary about “The Architect and the Painter,” the infamous Charles and Ray Eames, delves into why their last name should be synonymous with a lot more than a chair. 


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