March 24th, 2014

Creating a logo takes time and effort. Nonetheless, this SLAMXHYPE infographic shows us that many brands have taken the simplistic route when choosing how to appear visually. From streetwear to designer brands, there isn’t much variation in font and color choice when building visual identities.

 From Louis Vuitton to HBA,  2 – 4 different font styles are the most popular among some of the market’s top performers, with Futura and the always inoffensive Helvetica reigning “Supreme.”

March 20th, 2012

The power of branding should never be underestimated. Via Fast Company;

CityMaps is a view of New York City, Austin and San Francisco through its logos alone. Rather than using satellite images, Street View or legends for schools and restaurants, the map uses branding in its purest form—along with offers for all sorts of corresponding coupons—to help you discover somewhere you’d like to go.


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