April 26th, 2012

When we recently commissioned the world renowned artist HAZE to create a piece for the heir to Coltrane Curtis' throne, baby Ellington, we never knew that it would make it all the way to the blogosphere! We’re honored and overjoyed that Ellington’s piece has received its own article on 12oz Prophet. Check out an excerpt below and read the whole article by clicking Ellington’s painting above.

I have always considered legacy and what we leave behind as a big part of any artists life mission,
and there is something special about a piece that is guaranteed to be a part of someone else’s life long after one’s own journey.
especially cherish the works I have by friends who have passed, and it’s a great notion to think of your father collecting art for you before you are even old enough to be conscious of it.

December 5th, 2011

Coltrane Curtis: Be a Father to Your Style

Team Epiphany founder Coltrane Curtis was recently featured on UrbanDaily’s G-List - an ongoing segment featuring some of the world’s most influential and stylish men. Even influencers make mistakes, however, as Coltrane elaborates on in the interview:

Have you ever worn anything you’ve regretted?

Oh yes, styling gone wrong. Now I got my look together. But at one point, I was so styled out and so swagged out. I’m competitive, so I wanna out dress people and look the best. For a long time, I was competing against myself and it looked like it. I found a suit maker, making me crazy blazers with floral prints. I had this plaid blazer, with yellow socks, a big rope, a small rope, 8 pounds of jewelry, sunglasses, a ring and I was interviewing everyone on the red carpet. T.I. came up to me and told me, ‘you my man, but you look crazy right now.’ Your personal look is yours and you gotta own it, quality and simplicity and identifying a genre or look that you are going for. It’s more classic Americana, from here on.

Click the picture of Coltrane above for the full article.


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