October 3rd, 2014

Evian and French fashion house, KENZO, have recently unveiled a limited edition 2014 bottle. The design, straight from KENZO’s fall 2014 collection, features an asymmetric lime and blue zigzag pattern. The look is reminiscent of Evian’s fun and youthful brand. Since 2008 Evian has worked with other designers to create signature looks. This collaboration marks another success. 

Drinking water has never looked so good. However with a design this striking, you may spend all your time admiring instead of consuming. 

October 1st, 2014

Interior decorating can be difficult and a nuisance. You have to go into stores to measure the furniture and décor. With the way of the times, we like our lives and information instantaneous and easily accessible. Why can’t making our homes look gorgeous be the same?

Hem makes high-end design easy. It offers consumers the ability to tailor their products to the size of their house, apartment, studio, or wherever they call home. With refreshing designs and detailed craftsmanship, Hem is where you should shop.

August 6th, 2014

We’re not suggesting waiting until 2018 to fly again, but you may want to take it a little slower. In 2018 Embraer will release its new state of the art airline - E2, designed by Priestmangoode. This break through design pushes the boundaries of modern air travel in a way that greatly responds to the needs of travelers.

In the past travelers would line up in advance, or even board before their zones were called in order to secure luggage room. E2’s design has increased carry-on bins to fit four wheeled-bags comfortably. We can also thankfully welcome personal space back into the conversation as the E2 design looks to increase personal seat space, in addition to new reading lights give individuals a way to read without disturbing your entire row. Finally, for those environmentalists out there, the design company has successfully decreased the weight of the aircraft’s interior, making flights more eco-friendly by decreasing fuel usage. 

Is it 2018 yet?

(Source: fastcodesign.com)

July 31st, 2014

When you think of fashion FENDI often comes to mind, and we can now say the same about real estate. Just when we thought the fashion house had done it all, it launched a new collection none of us were expecting – FENDI Château Residences. The waterfront apartments were designed in partnership with luxury developer Château Group. The 58 upscale residences will go on sale in 2016 with a price range of $5 million to $22 million.

(Source: bbook.com)

April 24th, 2014

We were very happy to open the doors of our newly opened office to the good folks at HYPEBEAST for the latest installment of HYPEBEAST Spaces. The crew stopped by to learn more about the inspiration and creative madness behind the agency, directly from the managing partners, Coltrane Curtis, Lisa Chu, and Sky Gellatly. 


(Source: hypebeast.com)

March 27th, 2014

A New York-based stylist, Caitlin Levin, and a New Zealand- based artist, Henry Hargreaves, teamed up to create beautiful maps using real food as their medium. Levin and Hargreaves selected the staple food(s) of 4 continents (Africa, North America, South America, and Australia), 6 countries (China, France, India, Italy, Japan, and New Zealand), and 1 sovereign state (UK). For instance, bread and cheese for France, spices for India, and corn for North America.
Both artists were inspired merely by their passion for traveling.
You’ll notice that each map is made up of just one type of food with some variations within that food. The artists used patterns to separate the different cities, countries, and states within each map.  

Graphic designer, Sarit Melmed, created custom vintage-style typography that adorns each map.

(Source: mymodernmet.com)

March 24th, 2014

Creating a logo takes time and effort. Nonetheless, this SLAMXHYPE infographic shows us that many brands have taken the simplistic route when choosing how to appear visually. From streetwear to designer brands, there isn’t much variation in font and color choice when building visual identities.

 From Louis Vuitton to HBA,  2 – 4 different font styles are the most popular among some of the market’s top performers, with Futura and the always inoffensive Helvetica reigning “Supreme.”

March 7th, 2014

Do you enjoy a nice glass of wine?  Well, if you have a smartphone and water, you’re just one step away from a miracle. 

Dubbed, “The Miracle Machine,” this device pairs itself with a complementary smartphone app complete with recipes and a timer to recreate one of history’s greatest occurrences. Simply follow the instructions and in three days, voila. Now it’s your turn to treat the masses.

The Miracle Machine won’t get you into heaven, but it will make life here on earth a bit better. 

(Source: TIME)

January 28th, 2014

Portland native and artist, Peter Gronquist, has been gaining recognition for putting a contemporary spin on traditionally old-fashioned artwork, such as taxidermy. Gronquist conceptualized and executed the “Branded Taxidermy” installation, which remixes majestic deer antlers. By replacing them with abstract sculptures, Gronquist has created an eye-catching body of work. This collection incorporates elements of couture designs, nature, gold, humor, and even popular fashion brands. 

See more of Gronquist’s work here

January 8th, 2014

Dakis Joannou recently reached out to Jeff Koons and world-renowned Italian yacht designer Ivana Porfiri to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art.  Guilty is definitely an eye catcher of the sea measuring out at 115 feet long and includes four guest bedrooms, a master bedroom and private terrace.  The exterior of Guilty enables a modern 3D visual with an array of contrasting geometric shapes and colors. The juxtaposition of the interior design makes Koons’ piece of art more captivating.  Set with pearly white walls and high windows the interior appears massive.  In addition, to offset the white walls Joannou and Koon filled the yacht with vibrant neon fixtures and stairs make Guilty more appealing to the eye. It’s amazing how a piece of art inspired by British naval camouflage can set the bar and challenge other artists to be more innovative in these modern times.

November 25th, 2013

If you thought your bounce house days were over, think again. Design collective Numen/For Use's recent installation ‘Net Blow Up’ will bring back nostalgic memories with what is essentially a bounce house for adults.  The inflatable structure was recently on display in Yokohama, Japan and is an inflatable, box-like space with buoyant black webs fitted tightly inside inviting visitors to climb around the space and bounce off the ceiling, walls and floor. 

(Source: Wired)

November 21st, 2013

FiftyThree, the maker of the popular iPad creativity app Paper, has released its first venture into hardware with their new stylus, Pencil.  The stylus is designed to work directly with the Paper app, and to give users more control when using the app. Pencil communicates with the app after a simple, two-second “kiss-to-pair” connection, syncing via Bluetooth.  

When connected, the app rejects palm movements against the tablet, allowing users to draw smoothly.  Users can also blend colors directly on the page using their fingers, or fix mistakes with Pencil’s eraser.  

Pencil is designed to work specifically with Paper, but it also works just as well as a stylus on other touchscreen devices.  The stylus is available in a walnut finish, made from sustainable hardwood ($59.95), as well as a more modern aluminum finish ($49.95), and is available for purchase in time for the holiday season. 

(Source: Fast Company)

November 5th, 2013

In celebration of Damien Hirst’s ‘Relics’ exhibit at the Al Riwaq Exhibition Space in Qatar, the artist teamed up with Miuccia Prada to create a pop-up juice bar.

Housed in a Bedouin tent, the ‘Prada Oasis and Damien Hirst’s Pharmacy Juice Bar’ was designed to replicate Hirst’s 1990s ‘Pharmacy Restaurant’ exhibit and a nearby Prada boutique once housed in a traditional sheep hair tent.  For the project, Prada created 20 limited edition ‘Entomology’ Plexiglas bags, which encase bejeweled beetles.

The proceeds from the sale of the bespoke bags benefited the Sheikha’s Reach Out To Asia non-profit organization that aims to improve youth access to education in Asia and the Middle East. 

(Source: wallpaper.com)

October 18th, 2013

Nest Labs, the home hardware maker founded by the creator of the iPod, has unveile its second product, Nest Protect.  The $129 smart device hopes to do for the smoke and carbon monoxide detection market what Nest’s Learning Thermostat did for home temperature control.   

Marketed with the motto, “Safety shouldn’t be annoying,” Nest Protect has features that make it easier to silence during false alarms and includes spoken alerts and color-coded signals rather than the annoying beeping we’re all accustomed to.  The “Heads Up” function will alert homeowners to the presence of smoke or carbon monoxide before it reaches emergency levels and allow them to dismiss the alarm with a simple wave of a hand.  To indicate it has sufficient battery, the device glows green and can even act as a nightlight, glowing faintly when it detects motion in a dark hallway.  The alarm also connects with smart devices allowing users to monitor their homes remotely.  

The Nest Protect is currently undergoing testing, and is expected to go on sale in November.

(Source: Wired)

October 14th, 2013

Scott Morrison, the brain behind denim brands Paper Denim & Cloth and Earnest Sewn, pushes the boundaries with his 7,300 square foot denim concept shop, 3x1. Unveiled in 2011, the shop can best be described as part retail shop, part gallery, with in house production allowing patrons to see the action first hand. Each pair of jeans is limited edition, with only between 8-24 pair made of any given style and is fully customizable with 60 unique selvedge denims from all around the world.  The shop also offers bespoke services allowing customers to work with Morrison and his patternmaker from start to finish on their pair of jeans.  All good things come at a lofty price; your perfect pair of 3x1 jeans can cost upwards of $800.


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