June 13th, 2014

Managing partner Coltrane Curtis is an influencer. It cannot be denied that his influence is widespread, from business, to marketing, to fashion, and much more. However, it could be argued that in the featured video “I’m a Father”, a 5 video series celebrating the bond between fathers and their children, his words have never been truer. With the utmost conviction and in the truest of ways, Coltrane discusses what fatherhood means to him, and the powerful bond between a father and his child. If that’s not enough at about 1:30 there is a must see interaction between father and son. 

April 10th, 2012

As a new parent, I have found some really creative ways to throw money out of the window.

This one has to be the best - the most expensive kids coloring book ever. Entitled “Les 4 Mondes,” the 12 page book includes 24 artful drawings to carefully color-in. 

-Coltrane Curtis 


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