June 9th, 2014

Adaptive traits, coupled with time-standing traditions, are what make a family…well—wholesome. 

Not everyone admired Honey Maid’s “This Is Wholesome” campaign, which featured happy families enjoying the brand’s traditional graham products. Comments like “horrible” and “disgusting” surfaced via social media as audiences responded to scenes, which included a gay couple affectionately raising their baby. Standing firm in its message, Honey Maid quickly adapted to criticism by launching a warm-hearted response. Instead of shrinking in PR defeat, Honey Maid succeeded in showing that all a family needs to truly be wholesome is “Love.”

(Source: inc.com)

May 14th, 2014

Just when we thought couples couldn’t get any closer, Japanese condom brand, Condomania, shows us they can. The advertisements aptly titled, “Flesh Love,” feature images captured by Japanese photographer, Hal, who photographed over 100 couples inside plastic bags, with the air vacuumed out. He constructed the set with vacuum-sealed backs in his very own kitchen. Hal moves quickly, as he only has 10 seconds to catch the photo before the couple begins to lose their breath. 

See how the advertisements come to life here

June 6th, 2013

Coca-Cola’s “Share Happiness” campaign lets consumers share a Coke easily. Drinkers can split the 330ml cans into two tiny 115ml cans. Double the happiness with one can.

The soda master worked with Ogilvy & Mather Singapore and France to create this innovative and possibly, health conscious experiment. The mini soda cans limit the intake of sugar per can and provides an alternative to full-sized carbonated beverages. These cans are available in limited quantities only in Singapore.

(Source: fastcocreate.com)

February 26th, 2013

The Miami Heat and Miami City Ballet recently teamed up for a photo campaign celebrating 25 years of basketball and ballet in the city. Miami City Ballet Principal Dancers and sisters, Jeanette and Patricia Delgada, are featured in the campaign and participated in a few in-game activities at the AmericanAirlines Arena. Jeanette was paired with HEAT superstar Lebron James and Patricia with Dwyane Wade.

The goal of the campaign is to “promote the arts scene on Miami’s Biscayne Boulevard, and to highlight the world-renowned Miami City Ballet.”

To see more photos of James and Wade embracing the art form, visit Ballet and Basketball.

October 12th, 2012

Popular Vancouver attraction, Science World at TELUS World of Science, is the one-stop destination for people to experience tons of educational (and fun!) activities. In 2011, Science World received a massive $35-million renovation, adding 30,000 square feet and energy-efficient initiatives. To highlight all they have to offer, Science World launched an ad campaign to get the public excited about science. Their outdoor ads display interesting facts (that most of us didn’t know), a captivating photo to match, the Science World logo, and the tagline “We can explain.” The facts are sure to shock some people; of course, in hopes to drive them to Science World to learn more.

September 28th, 2012

The 2012 ADCOLOR print and PSA campaign highlights a diverse group of people who have contributed to advertising, marketing and media industries. The photos were shot by famed photographer Mark Zibbert and produced by Mark Filiulo of TBWA. The 3D design element literally adds depth to the portraits and serves as a metaphor for the advertising industry. To view more photos and video of celebrities and luminaries in the “Color Adds Depth” campaign, visit The ADCOLOR Awards Facebook page.

September 4th, 2012

As many brands shift their advertising efforts from print to digital/social media, luxury fashion brands are continuing to follow the traditional print route. Classic ad campaigns remain a critical vehicle for luxury fashion brands to convey brand messaging. Mulberry, Lanvin, Michael Kors, Miu Miu and Moncler are some of the brands using captivating print ads lately. Lanvin’s latest fashion campaign has been widely celebrated for using “real” people, rather than models. 

Visit Financial Times to view more powerful print ads. 

January 30th, 2012

The upcoming Super Bowl is not only exhilarating for football fans but also a particularly exciting time of year for those in the ad industry. Out of the slew of pre-Bowl teaser commercials, this “Bark Side” spot from VW promises a satisfying follow up to last year’s award-winning Vader commercial. Star Wars fans and dog lovers alike will have trouble resisting.  

January 12th, 2012

Are these the best advertisements of 2011? The Directors Guild nominates top commercials of last year - with brands including Heineken, Jim Bean, VW and Dos Equis in the mix. Click the mini Darth Vader above for the full spots, via fastcompany.

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January 10th, 2012

The grim realities of the fast food industry stretch far beyond mystery meat and pesticides. For those of us who don’t care about the quality of our greasy, comforting burger or taco - we’d at least like it to come as advertised. Check out some real, scientific and extensive* research about the dangerously deceptive work of food stylists.

Via BuzzFeed

*May not be as scientific as advertised. 


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