October 16th, 2014

The #Heineken100 program made its 2014 launch with a collaborative beautifully crafted Parabellum tote. This collaboration is the first of three for this year’s program. The tote—the brand’s first canvas offering—features a front pocket and handles made from Parabellum’s signature bison leather, black ceramic rivets, and a high-tech Trackr chip—which allows the selected members of the #Heineken100 network to track their lost or stolen bag from anywhere via a mobile app. 

Complex sat down with the #Heineken100 Creative Director, Chris Gibbs, to discuss this year’s brand pairings and how the Parabellum partnership came to life. Learn more HERE

September 17th, 2014

Harman International and the NBA have linked up for a multi-year deal, bringing two storied brands together for an iconic partnership. The similarities between the two are unmatched: they both value cutting-edge technology and exceptional performance. As the NBA’s official headphone, speaker, and audio sponsor, the deal will allow Harman’s JBL brand to sell team and individual player branded speakers and headphones. The exclusive line may even be in an arena near you, with Harman expected to provide product to each of the NBA’s 30 teams. 

Expect to see the iconic merchandise online and in-stores in six months.

(Source: fortune.com)

September 17th, 2014

Startup on the rise, Packnada, allows business travelers to leave their luggage behind during business trips. The service will go to the hotel, pick up their luggage and amenities, and store them for their next visit. 

Worried about laundry? Packnada will also clean clothes in preparation for each guest’s next visit. The easier the better. Forget checking bags or carryon luggage, just bring your ID and plane ticket and you are as good as gone.

August 14th, 2014

What if you could access all the top-brands that can be found on Spring Street, or better yet all of the top designers you love right on your phone?

Now you can with the launch of Spring, a new app that facilitates e-commerce. A simple Swipe enables you to skip the line, and make purchase without ever leaving your home. The app’s feed resembles that of Instagram, where users can follow brands, like pictures, and swipe to complete a purchase. A like enables users to interact with brands and receive relevant updates such as upcoming sales, or potential product shortages (a marketers dream come true). What really sets Spring apart is how the app integrates with third-party brands’ existing e-commerce infrastructure. As a result, the post checkout experience (i.e. receipt, shipping, customer service) is seamless and the remaining shopping experience resembles that of the brand’s website. Spring is simplicity at its finest – one app to shop all the brands you love.

August 6th, 2014

We’re not suggesting waiting until 2018 to fly again, but you may want to take it a little slower. In 2018 Embraer will release its new state of the art airline - E2, designed by Priestmangoode. This break through design pushes the boundaries of modern air travel in a way that greatly responds to the needs of travelers.

In the past travelers would line up in advance, or even board before their zones were called in order to secure luggage room. E2’s design has increased carry-on bins to fit four wheeled-bags comfortably. We can also thankfully welcome personal space back into the conversation as the E2 design looks to increase personal seat space, in addition to new reading lights give individuals a way to read without disturbing your entire row. Finally, for those environmentalists out there, the design company has successfully decreased the weight of the aircraft’s interior, making flights more eco-friendly by decreasing fuel usage. 

Is it 2018 yet?

(Source: fastcodesign.com)

June 5th, 2014

In a time where journalism isn’t as popular as it once was, Watchup is a potential savior looking to reinvent video journalism. Watchup is a personalized daily newscast that considers user’s preferences, and then displays videos based of these preferences on its brilliantly designed newsfeed. Videos stream instantly, enabling users to surf the news seamlessly with the touch of a finger. 

The app developers realized that users often find themselves lacking the context needed to have an understanding of the news beyond the moving images. Watchup offer’s a solution to this issue by presenting users with related articles that can be read during or after a video is watched. 

Watchup is available for IOS devices and Android tablets.

March 20th, 2014

While technological advancements have taken us further than we could’ve ever imagined, our imaginations are still most comfortable with creating the old fashioned way. Ink pens flow through paper notebooks, brimming with ideas, until an overwhelming library of stacks towers over us in the corner. Keeping these ideas becomes burdensome. Finding them becomes nearly impossible. 

What if we could keep those ideas flowing, but store them neatly while keeping them easily accessible? You know, digitally? Well now you can with the Mod Notebook. Write just as you would, knowing every page can be fully scanned, digitized and uploaded into their app. 

Take note. The future has arrived.

(Source: NPR)

March 7th, 2014

Do you enjoy a nice glass of wine?  Well, if you have a smartphone and water, you’re just one step away from a miracle. 

Dubbed, “The Miracle Machine,” this device pairs itself with a complementary smartphone app complete with recipes and a timer to recreate one of history’s greatest occurrences. Simply follow the instructions and in three days, voila. Now it’s your turn to treat the masses.

The Miracle Machine won’t get you into heaven, but it will make life here on earth a bit better. 

(Source: TIME)

February 26th, 2014

Facebook remains determined to incorporate itself into every aspect of daily life and they’ve taken another huge leap forward with their recent acquisition of WhatsApp. The $19 billion exchange of cash and stock constitutes one of the largest purchases ever, which is particularly striking for a company whose revenue remains a mystery. 

WhatsApp is essentially a substitute for text messaging, charging only .99 cents a year, with no advertisments. Founded in 2009, it’s inherent appeal has drawn users by the millions, 450 million, to be exact. By comparison, Facebook had less than 150 million users in the same amount of time. 

While unclear exactly how WhatsApp will consolidate itself with Facebook, the certainty remains that this is a victory. It not only ensures the retention of a waining teen market, but will likely draw even more new users, keeping Facebook atop the social media mountain.

February 6th, 2014

Facebook continues to adjust to the competition with their latest feature, Facebook ‘Paper’. Similar to the popular Flipboard app, Paper is a fully customizable digital newspaper for consuming photos, stories and videos. However what distinguishes this app from the daily paper is the ability to pull from multiple sources. Don’t worry, the notable updates from your friends and their adorable children will still populate your feed, but their suggestions for news are replaced by an editorial staff, supported by analytics. ‘Headlines’ provides the day’s top stories, while ‘Flavor’ and ‘Exposure’ populate with food and photojournalism, respectively. 

Paper is informative and intuitive, with cleanly segmented browsing just a swipe away. For now, all Paper users will see the same stories, which presumably will cultivate more discussion on the native app. Download Paper, get reading and start talking.

February 3rd, 2014

On January 24, 2014, Apple celebrated “Thirty Years of Mac.” To commemorate the milestone, Apple released a 90-second video, which was shot completely on the iPhone 5S. Cinematographers used the i0S built-in Camera app and other film apps available in the App Store. 100 iPhones were used to shoot footage amounting in over 70 hours of footage. In one single day, across 15 separate locations around the world, Apple documented 45 stories sharing the remarkable things they do with the Mac and other Apple technology.

Happy Birthday, Mac! 

January 7th, 2014

Beauty on demand. Sound familiar? The new concierge app, StyleBee, allows women and men to schedule cosmetic appointments on the go. Women can make blowout, makeup, and/or face painting appointments at the drop of a dime, similar to the impromptu car service, Uber. Don’t worry guys, StyleBee has you covered too.  Men can make shaving appointments, and both men and women can make convenient haircut appointments between the hours of 7:30am and the last appointment starting at 10:30pm. StyleBee assures clients affordable luxury and star treatment. As of now, the newly launched service is only available in the Los Angeles area. 

StyleBee is available at Apple’s App store.

(Source: TechCrunch)

November 21st, 2013

FiftyThree, the maker of the popular iPad creativity app Paper, has released its first venture into hardware with their new stylus, Pencil.  The stylus is designed to work directly with the Paper app, and to give users more control when using the app. Pencil communicates with the app after a simple, two-second “kiss-to-pair” connection, syncing via Bluetooth.  

When connected, the app rejects palm movements against the tablet, allowing users to draw smoothly.  Users can also blend colors directly on the page using their fingers, or fix mistakes with Pencil’s eraser.  

Pencil is designed to work specifically with Paper, but it also works just as well as a stylus on other touchscreen devices.  The stylus is available in a walnut finish, made from sustainable hardwood ($59.95), as well as a more modern aluminum finish ($49.95), and is available for purchase in time for the holiday season. 

(Source: Fast Company)

November 19th, 2013

Capturing that perfect photo has never been more important since apps such as Instagram have hit the scene.  Enter the Panono Panoramic Ball Camera, essentially a ball that you toss up into the air, capturing a 360-degree spherical panoramic photo at its highest point. 

The Panono uses 36 perfectly timed cameras that capture every angle simultaneously thanks to a highly sensitive internal accelerometer that knows exactly when the ball has reached its highest point.  As soon as your camera ball takes a shot, the images are automatically downloaded to the Panono mobile app, allowing for instant viewing. The Panono can also be transfixed to a pole for more strategic photos.

The Panomo is set to retail for $600, but by preordering through their Indiegogo campaign early adopters can get a $100 discount.  

(Source: Gizmodo)

November 14th, 2013

In terms of innovation, 2013 is certainly going to end on a high note. The UK town of Milton Keynes is close to premiering a self-driving car. The town plans to replace its local buses and introduce 100 self-driving pods to run between the city’s central train station, shopping center, and office parks beginning in 2015. 

The 2 passenger pods will cost £2 per trip and can be reserved through a smartphone app.  They will be fully electric, with motors mounted at each wheel and charging handled by an inductive system set up along the route. A full rollout is expected in 2017.

(Source: Wired)


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