April 2nd, 2012

Have you ever spent subway commute staring out the window into the darkness wondering what, if anything, lived in the abyss? I know I have. It’s always amazed me that an entire city exists under New York City. Subway performers, underground bodegas, platform vendors, a quick bite to eat; almost anything that exists above ground, you can find under ground. Take Times Square or Penn Station for instance. Life in those tunnels bustling. So much so, you can almost forget you are underground. 

I’ve always pondered, “Where do these people come from? Where do they go?” Sure, some close up shop and go home… But others, I correctly assumed, take to the tunnels. As New Yorkers, we interact with this sub-world every day with no second thought about it. However, I just stumbled across an old documentary by Marc Singer, that delves into the lives of the population beneath our Gotham City. 

Yes, the mole people do exist! Check out the first 10 minutes of Dark Days

-Brandon Littlejohn


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