June 27th, 2013

60 feet above the K21 exhibit in Germany is an ethereal playground for the daring, art loving, explorer. In Orbit, which resembles a sky full of clouds, contains three levels of net structure where visitors can weave through. The different levels of this transparent installation contain inflated PVC spheres providing a variety of textures and structures to interact with.

Tomas Sarcano created In Orbit to allow visitors to express themselves through the experience of moving through the structure. People from below also are able to observe this surreal installation.

The exhibition is open from now to autumn 2014. 

(Source: psfk.com)

March 12th, 2013

5 Themed Hotels for the Adventurous Types

Whether it’s a leisure vacation or a business trip, our memories of travels are usually drawn from experiences outside of our hotel stay: on white sandy beaches, cobblestone streets of ancient cities, or under the shade of a rainforest canopy. Photos of the hotel room don’t usually make the cut into the photo album – unless your bed resembles a jail cell, or your window curtains open up to an expansive view of underwater marine life. If you’re looking for an unforgettable room and board experience, check out these 5 trendy hotels that have added a dash of vim and vigor to the hospitality scene.


Once a prison for rebellious scholars, the Malmaison Oxford in the UK now makes the most wanted list as a boutique hotel, featuring “prison cells” converted into luxurious guest rooms. Complete with wi-fi, digital TV, wine, and light snacks – this is one house arrest to remember.


The V8 Hotel in Germany is the ultimate paradise for automobile lovers. Guests can choose from a wide array of car-themed rooms, ranging from a racetrack to a carwash or a 1950s-inspired garage.

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July 10th, 2012
For those who have always dreamed of walking on water, Sprenger Von Der Lippe’s Houseboat is a dream come true. Situated on the Eilbek Canal, this floating home contains a myriad of windows, a bottom level with bedrooms just at the water’s surface and a top deck where the kitchen and living room provide great views of surrounding areas.
via Designboom


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