October 9th, 2012

If there’s one common thread to all of Pixar’s films, it is their hilarious and creative attention to detail. That attention and wit is on full display right here on the freshly-launched Monsters University Website.

Created to promote their upcoming film of the same name, the site mimics a typical .edu site right down to the gift shop (4 armed hoodies!), events calendar (there’s a showing of “Screaming In the Rain” this Thursday at 11 if anyone is interested) and campus map (check out the genius naming convention for their frat houses) complete with a Troll Bridge and a building for Underwater Studies.

Pixar being this creative and entertaining is nothing new, but that’s probably why we all love their films so much. Like Monsters University, their films are lovingly-crafted worlds we’d all like to visit…or maybe even enroll in.

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