April 17th, 2014

To celebrate the posthumous album release of Michael Jackson’s Xscape, Epic Records took to the Top of the Rock, for a one-of-a-kind listening experience. On Tuesday, April 8, 2014, Music industry pioneers Sylvia Rhone and L.A. Reid invited a select group of influencers and music aficionados to experience Xscape for the first time.

For the ultimate intimate experience, guests weren’t allowed to take photographs inside. They enjoyed custom cocktails from an open Diageo bar and small bites catered by Union Square Events. Guests were enthused to be a part of the elevated listening experience while surrounded by the breathtaking view of the New York City skyline.  

March 27th, 2014

A New York-based stylist, Caitlin Levin, and a New Zealand- based artist, Henry Hargreaves, teamed up to create beautiful maps using real food as their medium. Levin and Hargreaves selected the staple food(s) of 4 continents (Africa, North America, South America, and Australia), 6 countries (China, France, India, Italy, Japan, and New Zealand), and 1 sovereign state (UK). For instance, bread and cheese for France, spices for India, and corn for North America.
Both artists were inspired merely by their passion for traveling.
You’ll notice that each map is made up of just one type of food with some variations within that food. The artists used patterns to separate the different cities, countries, and states within each map.  

Graphic designer, Sarit Melmed, created custom vintage-style typography that adorns each map.

(Source: mymodernmet.com)

March 24th, 2014

Creating a logo takes time and effort. Nonetheless, this SLAMXHYPE infographic shows us that many brands have taken the simplistic route when choosing how to appear visually. From streetwear to designer brands, there isn’t much variation in font and color choice when building visual identities.

 From Louis Vuitton to HBA,  2 – 4 different font styles are the most popular among some of the market’s top performers, with Futura and the always inoffensive Helvetica reigning “Supreme.”

March 20th, 2014

While technological advancements have taken us further than we could’ve ever imagined, our imaginations are still most comfortable with creating the old fashioned way. Ink pens flow through paper notebooks, brimming with ideas, until an overwhelming library of stacks towers over us in the corner. Keeping these ideas becomes burdensome. Finding them becomes nearly impossible. 

What if we could keep those ideas flowing, but store them neatly while keeping them easily accessible? You know, digitally? Well now you can with the Mod Notebook. Write just as you would, knowing every page can be fully scanned, digitized and uploaded into their app. 

Take note. The future has arrived.

(Source: NPR)

March 7th, 2014

Do you enjoy a nice glass of wine?  Well, if you have a smartphone and water, you’re just one step away from a miracle. 

Dubbed, “The Miracle Machine,” this device pairs itself with a complementary smartphone app complete with recipes and a timer to recreate one of history’s greatest occurrences. Simply follow the instructions and in three days, voila. Now it’s your turn to treat the masses.

The Miracle Machine won’t get you into heaven, but it will make life here on earth a bit better. 

(Source: TIME)

March 4th, 2014

The UNICEF Tap Project is a philanthropic effort to get everyone off their phones. It challenges all smartphone users to go 10 minutes without touching their phones. For every ten minutes one can leave their digital device aside,  UNICEF Tap Project donors and sponsors will fund a day of clean water for a child in need. 

All you have to do is visit UNICEF Tap Project from your mobile phone, follow the prompts, and set your smartphone down. The point is to get users to engage constructively on tasks that don’t involve their phones, while simultaneously giving back to a greater cause. How does it work? The site accesses your phones accelerometer and assures that you aren’t actually using it, and if you move it, it’ll ask you to put it down to continue.

Ready. Set. Go. 

February 26th, 2014

Facebook remains determined to incorporate itself into every aspect of daily life and they’ve taken another huge leap forward with their recent acquisition of WhatsApp. The $19 billion exchange of cash and stock constitutes one of the largest purchases ever, which is particularly striking for a company whose revenue remains a mystery. 

WhatsApp is essentially a substitute for text messaging, charging only .99 cents a year, with no advertisments. Founded in 2009, it’s inherent appeal has drawn users by the millions, 450 million, to be exact. By comparison, Facebook had less than 150 million users in the same amount of time. 

While unclear exactly how WhatsApp will consolidate itself with Facebook, the certainty remains that this is a victory. It not only ensures the retention of a waining teen market, but will likely draw even more new users, keeping Facebook atop the social media mountain.

February 18th, 2014

Celebs and athletes alike flocked to New Orleans last weekend for the famed 2014 NBA All-Star Weekend. Retailer, VILLA, collaborated with  Timberland for a limited-edition navy blue boot, aptly named the “VILLA89.” VILLA launched the boot in New Orleans with a premium celebrity-gifting suite and consumer retail pop up. By transforming a downtown art gallery into a luxe retail pop up, the space became a must-visit for those in town. VILLA kicked off the weekend with a Thursday night party, prior to the official opening of the gifting and retail gallery. Lance Gross, Mack Wilds, and Bun B were a few of the celebs who stopped by to get their hands on the boot first. 

The VILLA89 is available in limited quantities Saturday, February 22.

February 11th, 2014

Mark McNairy debuted his New Amsterdam Fall 2014 RTW collection earlier today at Eyebeam Art + Technology Center during New York Fashion Week. Only a few hours after showing, McNairy’s collection has received rave reviews from GQ and the NYTimes.

Known for shirking apropos fashion week etiquette, a few of McNairy’s models enjoyed cold Heineken while walking the runway. Over the last two years, Heineken has been working with the American fashion designer. This runway integration marks the second time models have sipped the beer during a McNairy show. The designer has collaborated with the brand and the #Heineken100 program since 2012.

February 10th, 2014

On February 4, 2014, Hennessy invited 50 guests to a 10-course feast at the Lake Pavilion Restaurant in Flushing. Hosted by fashion blogger, Wendy Lam, sneaker guru, Yu-Ming Wu, NIKE brand manager, Rocky Xu, and Converse Director of Communications, Christine Su, the evening was filled with laughter and conversation, as influencers dined together (family-style) and enjoyed custom “Wooden Horse” cocktails. Hennessy’s roots in Chinese culture extend to over 150 years ago, as the spirit was introduced in China in 1859.  

Complete with a dragon dance, hand-engraved Hennessy Privilege bottles, red envelopes filled with cash, and many more Lunar New Year traditions, guests were fully satisfied by the end of the night.

We’re thrilled WSJ shared the event with its readers. 

February 6th, 2014

Facebook continues to adjust to the competition with their latest feature, Facebook ‘Paper’. Similar to the popular Flipboard app, Paper is a fully customizable digital newspaper for consuming photos, stories and videos. However what distinguishes this app from the daily paper is the ability to pull from multiple sources. Don’t worry, the notable updates from your friends and their adorable children will still populate your feed, but their suggestions for news are replaced by an editorial staff, supported by analytics. ‘Headlines’ provides the day’s top stories, while ‘Flavor’ and ‘Exposure’ populate with food and photojournalism, respectively. 

Paper is informative and intuitive, with cleanly segmented browsing just a swipe away. For now, all Paper users will see the same stories, which presumably will cultivate more discussion on the native app. Download Paper, get reading and start talking.

February 3rd, 2014

On January 24, 2014, Apple celebrated “Thirty Years of Mac.” To commemorate the milestone, Apple released a 90-second video, which was shot completely on the iPhone 5S. Cinematographers used the i0S built-in Camera app and other film apps available in the App Store. 100 iPhones were used to shoot footage amounting in over 70 hours of footage. In one single day, across 15 separate locations around the world, Apple documented 45 stories sharing the remarkable things they do with the Mac and other Apple technology.

Happy Birthday, Mac! 

January 30th, 2014

The Super Bowl is the biggest marketing day of the year with corporations big and small vying for our nation’s attention. But with television ads continuing to skyrocket, Chipotle has taken an alternative approach.

“Farmed and Dangerous”, a “Chipotle original series”, will air in four parts on Hulu next month. This tactic is intended to achieve “values integration”, shifting focus to the concerns of industrial-scale farming.

Chipotle is counting on the boom in popularity of streaming services to pique users curiosity. If successful, their shift could create a new wave of non-traditional marketing.

January 28th, 2014

Portland native and artist, Peter Gronquist, has been gaining recognition for putting a contemporary spin on traditionally old-fashioned artwork, such as taxidermy. Gronquist conceptualized and executed the “Branded Taxidermy” installation, which remixes majestic deer antlers. By replacing them with abstract sculptures, Gronquist has created an eye-catching body of work. This collection incorporates elements of couture designs, nature, gold, humor, and even popular fashion brands. 

See more of Gronquist’s work here

January 21st, 2014

Even in this age of information, discovering new music hasn’t been easy. While a bevy of blogs and reviews are available, a map for finding those which appeal to our tastes or curiosities is nowhere to be found. Until now. 

Google’s Music Timeline is an intuitive graph of practically every genre stretching back to the first recorded note, all neatly divided into eras and subdivisions. The data is culled from how many Google Play Music users have an artist or album in their music library, which effectively turns every song we download into a suggestion. Want to know the requisite soul sounds of the 70’s? Discover the hidden gems of 90’s West Coast hip hop? Simply scroll and click. 

Every artist and their discography comes complete with detailed bios and user reviews along with a convenient purchasing method. Suddenly everyone’s opinion matters and their recommendations have become far less pushy.


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